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Della changes the way we think about appliances. Boasting a commitment to brilliance and innovation, the Della product line breathes life into the appliance industry, offering innovative solutions for the modern consumer. Any room of the home will be improved in ambiance and temperature thanks to Della’s portable air conditioners, mini split air conditioners, window air conditioners and portable dehumidifiers. Many of these products are WiFi-enabled, allowing the customer to control the temperature settings from the Della+ app. The advanced technology of our smart appliances helps simplify our customers’ lives, providing them with useful tools for efficient, stress-free living. Della believes in offering extraordinary products meant for everyday life. Welcome to the future of home appliances. Read more

Every detail of Della appliances is designed with youth in mind. Our products satisfy the needs of the new generation of consumers. With that mindset comes a focus on technological features, like energy-efficient technology and LED displays.

The Della+ app allows customers to adjust their appliances from their phones. Not only does this make life easier, but it signifies a shift in how we can interact with appliances. With Della, you’ll enjoy the beauty of convenience along with the advancement of technology.


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