From beautiful home decor to engaging toys, we bring joy and happiness to our customers, all with the added beauty of convenience. We are built for empowering imagination. We’re constantly inspired by our surroundings, our teammates, our customers and our world. Great ideas can be big or small; we love them all. We strive to combine independence with teamwork, offering balance and cheerfulness for all of our employees.


Its on these elements we anchor our People Principles:

Build the Best Team

We lead by setting the bar high, articulating clear goals, and diving deep. We hire, develop, and leverage only the best.

Collaborate Effectively

We invest in cross-functional global partnerships that maximize impact and minimize duplication.

Respect Others

We earn and show respect, treating our teammates and partners with empathy and inclusion. We presume good intent while prioritizing impact.

Deliver Results With Agility

We prioritize work that drives long-term value. We execute with urgency, learn from failure, and nimbly pivot.

Innovate & Improve

We are not limited by precedent. We boldly challenge the norm. We continually identify opportunities to innovate, improve, and simplify.

Adapt & Grow

We value adaptability and self-reflection. We find opportunity in every change, experience, and mistake.

Employee Stories

From operations and logistics to design and development, we
wouldn’t be who we are without the people who got us here.

Jazmin Ortiz

As the Manager in the Customer Operation Department, Jazmin’s Customer Service team is responsible for ensuring that all customer inquiries are answered and resolved with buyer satisfaction as the result. The team focuses on doing good work which will result in positive customer feedback and reviews, improving company morale and reputation. Her Return Merchandise Authorization team is also responsible for handing returns and replacement parts.

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Amber Chen

As a senior graphic designer, Amber Chen is responsible for all visual aspects of Align. This includes retouching photos, editing video clips and creating motion effects. To keep things running smoothly, the organization is a high priority.

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Robert Soussana

With over 27 years of furniture industry experience, Robert brings his passion for interior design and architecture to Align. Since joining the company in 2020, Robert has been leading the design, direction and merchandising for the home furnishing items which are sold by Align under the Belleze and Novattic brands.

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