Amber Chen

As a senior graphic designer, Amber Chen is responsible for all visual aspects of Align. This includes retouching photos, editing video clips and creating motion effects. To keep things running smoothly, the organization is a high priority.

Amber has been an Align team member for over six years and takes pride in ensuring that the brand is beautifully represented. After graduating college, her role at Align became Amber’s first full-time job. With time, she has grown with the company. “Working at Align allows me to become immersed in the whole process of how a brand is born,” says Amber. “My work extends beyond basic graphic design and I’ve improved my knowledge of sales, marketing and the grand scope of e-commerce.” Amber also plays a role in onboarding new Align employees by helping them become familiar with the product line during the early stages of their employment.

Align’s Kidzone brand has been a passionate project of Amber’s. “Kidzone expanded the product line a bit later after I gave birth to my daughter, and Kidzone is like a child to me, too,” says Amber. Prior to her work with Kidzone branding, she had over two years of experience in illustrating product manuals and listing details. The Kidzone project required her to learn every product’s features from the inside out, evoking meaning through each ride-on toy. “I told myself that I wanted to create a brand that my baby girl would love and millions of families would love, too. This motivated me to uphold the highest standards for my work.”

Amber places a high value on the way in which her work improves the customer experience. “Graphic design impacts the first impression of a brand,” Amber says. Through her work, she hopes to create an exciting, meaningful customer experience that “attracts our guests, gives them a good experience and makes them more likely to remember us.”

Amber’s design philosophy is: “Be a self-starter. Deliver a clear message.” It is her goal to bring this philosophy to life through her design work at Align. She describes the Align aesthetic as “simplicity and authenticity with satisfaction.” Through each design asset, Amber looks to deliver an honest, understandable message and explain the products through visualizations, all while upholding a quality artistic standard.

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