Jazmin Ortiz

As the Manager in the Customer Operation Department, Jazmin’s Customer Service team is responsible for ensuring that all customer inquiries are answered and resolved with buyer satisfaction as the result. The team focuses on doing good work which will result in positive customer feedback and reviews, improving company morale and reputation. Her Return Merchandise Authorization team is also responsible for handing returns and replacement parts. The fast-paced department ensures that refunds and replacements are issued in a timely manner. To deliver results, Jazmin plans every day ensuring that productivity is a top priority.

Jazmin has been an Align team member for over five years and thrives in a family-like, teamwork-driven environment. During her time with Align, she has enjoyed developing as a leader and growing with the company. “We are like family here and work great as a team. Everyone knows their duties and responsibilities and we get our job done efficiently,” says Jazmin.

Prior to joining Align, Jazmin had many years of experience as a cashier and aspired to work in a management position. She worked her way up at Align and was promoted to a managerial role after a few months. “I have grown professionally in many ways,” says Jazmin. “We deal with customers on a daily basis and we have to ensure that we are fully equipped with the right tools and resources to answer every question. Conflict resolution has been a big one for me. Through assisting our customers, collaborating with coworkers and resolving product issues, I’ve learned and gained experience in this area. It’s something I feel like I have really overcome.”

Her leadership philosophy focuses around communication, attitude and motivation. “I always make time to communicate with and mentor my employees,” says Jazmin. “Being hands-on with them has helped me motivate employees to want to work harder and develop them into great team assets.”

Being part of Align has helped Jazmin learn the importance of leadership and determination. “We continue to expand, and with that comes hard work,” she says. “Multitasking is something that I learned was a necessity and something that you need in order to be able to adapt to different scenarios and improve along the way.”

Jazmin’s work directly impacts the experience of each Align customer. “We strive for immediate resolutions and hassle-free experiences. We know that online shopping can be a hassle, so our goal is to ensure that the buyer receives top-level service.

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